Sunbury Airfield

THE SKY IS NO LIMIT, if you learn how to fly !

Come flying with us and learn to fly at Australia's biggest little sport aviation flying school - AirSports Flying School.


GO FLYING trial flight : You never had so much fun sitting down!
Unlike senic flights were you only get to look out the window you get to fly the aircraft! No flight simulator, its the real thing, in a real aircraft. Straight and level, climbs, descents, turns and more, it's so much more than just a great view! Trial flight 20-25 min in a twin seat RAA approved sport aircraft. See our COSTS page for more details.


GET STARTED Flying Package : 10 hours flight time in a twin seat CASA approved sport aircraft, all ground flight briefing time included for no extra charge, a hard cover pilots log book and an aviation theory book are also included for no extra charge. All hand out sheets are also included with the flying package. All up you receive a fixed price package in the DRIFTER or in the GAZELLE sport aircraft. For a little more you can learn in the TEXAN or CT-2K. Pilot weight limits may apply. See our COSTS page for more details.


Sunbury Airfield Fly-In, BBQ and Open Day, was held on Saturday the 10th of May 2008. Congratulations to Frank Deeth and Norm Edmunds for winning the best fabric aircraft awards in their Starlets, to Trevor Maholey for winning the Navigator award in his FoxBat and to the pilot of the Cessna 140, Mick Pool for his award for the best presented aircraft.

If you missed the open day you are still welcome to Fly-In. Please call us on (03) 9744-1305 for an OK first. We are distributors for the "Texan" and "Storch" Light Sport aircraft so if you are after a new aircraft we can aqlso arrange an inspection and flight. We are located at the foothills of Mt Macedon (yes - it's outside of the Melbourne control zone.) An airport circuit diagram on this website. If you would like to keep in touch contact us at and we will put you on our mailing list.


We are the Victorian and Tasmanian distributors of the superb range of Fly Synthesis aircraft. Not only can you purchase an aircraft from us that suits your needs we can show you how to fly it safely. Why not save some money and learn to fly in your own aircraft! If you would like more detailed information please contact us on (03) 9431-2131, we will be happy to assist. As an alternative, for additional information about the Fly Synthesis range of aircraft please visit the Fly Synthesis website.


We supply GARMIN GPS equipment with a FREE South Pacific town and city database and a unique FREE Australian airport database. We also supply ICOM VHF aircraft radios, Pocket size Emergency Locator Beacons, Locally manufactured high noise capable headsets, Thermal flying suits, Screw-It tie down gear and much more. Go to our AeroShop website for more info.

NEWS : ONLINE BOOKINGS we are working on it!

With satellite broadband finally on its way to our airfield we will be able to offer all our pilots an on-line internet flight lesson booking facility. It's not an easy project however as soon as this service is available we will let you know.



INSTRUCTOR COURSE: An AirSports Flying School flight instructor course includes 20 hours of flight time, 30 hours of ground theory work. This course is now available to certificated pilots with a reasonable amount of "in command" flying experience. AirSports Flying School is a CASA recognised and RAA approved Instructor training school.

We fly from Sunbury Airfield, located near Melbourne, Australia. With two long runways, low traffic and wide open spaces it's one of the safest flight training airfields in the word. Our flight training is managed by three of Australia's highest qualified flight training instructors.

We fly in four great aircraft, the Australian made, open cockpit, DRIFTER, the fully enclosed, basic trainer the GAZELLE, the comfortable, low wing, advanced hi-tech aircraft the TEXAN (see photo above) and the high speed cross country flyer the CT-2K.

For visiting pilots we can also help you with good value comfortable accommodation. If you are after full time flight training, live-in flying courses are also available.

AirSports Flying School :

AirSports Office Local, (03) 9431-2131
AirSports Office International, +613 9431-2131
AirSports Airport Local, (03) 9744-1305

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